Thursday, 19 October 2017

Rick and Morty!!!!

   Okay so my housemate and a few other people told me that I should watch 'Rick and Morty' and I was unsure at first because I don't really watch these kind of shows but I thought I'd give it a go anyway and see what it's like. A) I love it and B) the backgrounds are literally COMPLETELY my style, I look at them and could probably mistaken some of them for my own work it's crazy! I've researched the studio and they have so many jobs advertised and a general application and I might go for it, it looks amazing and I really think I could do well there! I've kind of been feeling like i'm not good enough lately and my confidence and motivation is quite low but then when I discovered this, I felt SO inspired! If I plan my time effectively I'm going to try and produce my own backgrounds in my own style to build up a portfolio, I think there's a reason that I discovered this show and I just have so many hopes for the future now, hooray for motivation! (ha! how long will that last?)

Papa Poule - Layouts?

So Lucie has just uploaded the first animatic of the film so I've taken it upon myself to neaten up some of the frames and draw some layouts, I think they look alright to be honest, I'm quite happy with them.

Papa Poule - Background Tests

Lucie has made some brushes to use for backgrounds, and as the 'lead background artist' I need to get used to the brushes and the colour palette and adapt also to the style that Lucie is going for, so these are a few examples of what I've been doing. The style is quite simple which is how I managed to produce these quite quickly. I'm currently in the process of making a background workshop pdf which will show the background artists step by step what they need to do to be able to produce backgrounds in this specific style. Hopefully Lucie approves, we'll see!

Pirate Ship Deck

This is a very early concept for the pirate ship deck, i'll need to play with colours and overall style, detail and set up but it was just an idea whilst things were just beginning. I really need to work on my lighting and stop using just block colours like I usually do, I need to actually paint.

Pirates Code - Character Design

While the script is still being written and the storyboard in progress, I haven't got much to do apart from layout and background tests and more research so Jess asked me to help out with the character design. So this started as a character design but apparently now it's an expression sheet. I spent so long trying to draw a body and it just wasn't happening. It's a start though! I might try and play with this more. I think Ourania has the character design sorted but i'll show her this and see what she thinks. My style is more black outliney kind of thing so i'm having to get used to adapting to other styles and techniques of having softer outlines. My drawings here aren't the best but I certainly did better than I thought I would, plus it's good to have a go at it and try and improve and build on my character design skills. I might see if I can work with Ourania and she can show me how she works her magic.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Bigger Splash - working progress!

I still need to colour this in and tweak it a little but I tried to make the splash fill the screen as I have seen on several cartoons before, I think it works? I'm pretty proud of myself anyway as I feel like i'm really challenging myself even though these are just simple animations. I'm excited now to do more!

More animating

This is another example I did using the same ball splash but with a background that I copied from Jess' pitch powerpoint, just to get an idea of the scene (even though there won't be a ball in the scene, I imagine there will be a lot of splashing around)