Monday, 20 November 2017

Landlubber - Establishing shot

So there's an establishing shot at the beginning of the film  which zooms in onto the pool, so I tried to do it but when I completed it I noticed how untidy it looked, all outlines were wobbly so I redid it and I think it looks so much better. I've also made a start on a view of one wall, I'm doing to do each of the four walls so artists know the exact layout and what's in the room and where it is etc.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Papa Poule - Props/elements in pauls room?

This is of course unfinished/in progress. I decided to draw up some of the individual objects in pauls room just to get practice, breakdown exactly what's in the room, know what they're going to look like and get a bit of an idea about the colours (even though the colour palette might change)

Landlubber - Layout of pool

   This is the layout of the pool at the moment. Hopefully this doesn't change because I've started to do backgrounds now based on this layout. This was very quickly done so some of the elements don't look right or look scruffy but to be honest it's just to get an idea of colours and where everything is positioned in the room.

Papa Poule - Another background with new colour palette

   So I still haven't had any confirmation about a final colour palette from Lucie so at the moment, I;m still testing using the ones she's working with at the moment. I like it, but i'm just so used to the other palette that I can't really get into this one. I'm sure I will the more tests I do.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Landlubber - Props?

   So the backgrounds are nearly there, I just need to work on lighting and how to illustrate the water but also I feel that the backgrounds need a little more detail without making them too complicated or busy for the style. So I just came up with a few props that could pop up in the film somewhere, such as pool props and pirate props. I might need to tweak the style of these a little bit because I wouldn't say they're very stylised but then that could just be me critiquing my own work as usual and it could be fine, I'll ask someone tomorrow. I think they look okay for now though, just gives us an idea of what props we need to think about. I haven't quite finished two of these yet, I have more to add but this is how it's looking at the moment

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Landlubber - backgrounds for animatic

Drawing some refined layouts and backgrounds to use for the animatic.
I think this needs work in terms of the lighting and the door needs to be more realistic but it's alright as a placeholder at the moment while we're designing the actual door.

Papa Poule - Plants

So Paul is a huuuge plant person and Lucie wants lots of plants in his apartment, so I've drawn out a few here but they need tweaking, but at least it gives me a variety of ideas for plants, even if I change the colours.

    ayyyyyy shadow!! I thought the image above needed something so here it is!