Thursday, 18 February 2016

Penryn 800 years - Mood Boards

   So, Penryn is turning 800 this year, so we've been asked to create a short animation of whatever we like in groups. I went on a walking tour of Penryn last Friday and what we were told was very interesting. There were stories about pirates and duals and the trading industry, so I went home to do more research. During a research session with my group, we found a story about an explorer called Peter Mundy who apparently was one of the first englishmen to try tea in China! (or 'chaa' as
China calls it.)
   Mundy was born and raised in Penryn until he was 9 years old and then he accompanied his father travelling across the channel. We think that this man and his life as an explorer has the potential to be a good story. Here are two mood boards that i made to get started with ideas and inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing what my group and I come up with.

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