Friday, 4 March 2016

More Krita

   Just playing around with the brushes on Krita. I am loving this at the moment, especially now that I've gotten used to the tools and the software in general. The sky in this illustration was done with a sponge brush which looks really good, I think. I'd definitely recommend this programme, it really is great.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

More Turnaround sheets

Our task this week was to design two contrast characters, create two turnaround sheets for them and then draw some rough frames on tv paint. These are my two turnaround sheets. I've been attempting to use TVpaint all week and it's really confusing, I guess because it's my first time using it but I've given it my best shot, I thnk I'll have a look at some more tutorials and websites to help me get the hang of using it.

Turnaround Sheet for Celaction walk cycle task

This is my first attempt of a turnaround sheet. It's definitely not perfect but everything is roughly the same proportion i think? - apart from a couple of things such as the head on the side view, I feel like that coluld be a lot better but overall, I'm pleased.