Friday, 13 May 2016

Penryn 800 "final" Animation and Sound Review

   This is the whole penryn 800 animation. Unfortunately, as i was exporting it on premier, it worked and exported but when i played it back, the music and some of the speech and sound were missing. I repeatedly tried to fix it and play with different settings and it still didn't work. I asked Julian and Richard for help, but despite their best efforts, it still didn't work so I had to hand in this one. It's a shame because when it was all put together, it was a really great film, I'm not sure whether maybe a file was corrupt or something but I'm pretty gutted because for months and months I've worked so hard on this and in the end I wasn't even able to show my full potential. Hopefully they will take this issue into consideration when marking my work....I doubt it though.

   I've just noticed that this is quite zoomed in but i don't think I submitted it like this, I hope not anyway. seeing as I didn't have time to hand in my sound review, I might as well just write a short one here.

   Recording the sound in the recording studio was a really great experience. It was good to use the proper equipment that is used in the industry and to play around with different sounds and voices. I actually came to the session a bit late as Dan had booked the studio on the day I was in work but I came for the last couple of hours and had a bit of a taster.

   I wanted to edit the sound on protools but I ended up doing it on Premier instead because it was just easier with the short amount of time I had left to complete it. I played around with effects and transitions and eventually it all came together really well. Unfortunately, I had trouble exporting the project, there must've been a technical glitch or perhaps one of the files was corrupt. This really frustrated me because I've worked so hard on this project for months and then this happens. I'm just glad I was able to hand something in at least.

   Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound project and I look forward to editing and recording more next year.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Penryn Project - Pub Scene

This is one of my completed scenes for our animation for the penryn project. It took a lot of attempts and imrpovements but this is the final version. The only thing I'd say needs changing is that the moustache should move with the mouth but it doesn't look too bad and also, the moustache was part of the face so at this short notice i couldn't add a moustache on a separate layer on photoshop and then redo it etc. The whole animation is looking great and it's really coming along quite nicely. I'm really excited to see it finished.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Penryn Project - Background Design

I also helped the group with creating backgrounds as there were so many to make. These are some of the ones I did. They aren't final, just ideas, we tweaked each background as we went along.

Penryn Project - Character Design

I did most of the character designs apart from 2 or 3 which were designed by Dan. I didn't do turnaround sheets for all of the characters, mainly because of the style of our animation, our characters will act as cardboard cut outs and will always be facing the front. However, I wanted to do a turnaround for at least one in order to get a feel of what the character is like. These drawings aren't perfect but they're good enough to be able to see what kind of character we are aiming for.

More character designs that I did. I had to think long and hard about each character and do a lot of research about clothing, posture, hair/facial hair etc because our story is set in the 17th century. I think I pulled it off okay!

More Background Work

Quick sketch of Bob Ross' mountain, His work inspires me a lot as he makes it look so easy and it's interesting to see how his paintings come together.

I found this from an animation background blog and decided to create my own black and white version, concentrating on depth and composition.

Feeling Nostalgic

I thought I'd try something new with digital drawing and painting. I took an old photo of myself and my dad and simplified it. I then used a brush preset on Krita to add the diagonal lines. Although, I can't decide if it looks better with or without the lines. I might experiment more with this.

Background Project

These are two examples of quick backgrounds I did, taking into consideration light, perspective and colours. I do think that in both of these backgrounds, the light could be emphasised a lot more but I'm happy with how they turned out. I tried to use a limited colour palette for the street, just to experiment and it kind of works? It was a very quick sketch but if it was done properly I'm sure it'd look great.

TVPaint Clean up

This is my clean up of Jasmine's work (her blog: At first, I thought the characters were walking too quick but now that it's finished, I think it looks quite good. I guess I could've coloured it a lot better, perhaps I should've used a different brush to give a smoother texture - I used the oil paint brush for this. Overall though, I'm quite pleased with it as I spent a lot of time doing it, I'd say that it was definitely an enjoyable experience for me and was good to get the practice in. However sometimes it was hard because I'm not used to working in any other style than my own (which, I'm sure was the whole point of the task and swapping our work) but it was good to see how I would deal with it and I think I dealt with it pretty well.

   There are, however, some improvements that could be made to my clean up, such as ensuring I keep the volume of the characters the same, I did try to do this, but it was really hard when it came to changing the poses, especially near the end with the taller character.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I Love You ....*Awkwardly walks off*

   This is my lip sync animation for motion studies. I'm pleased that I (well, Nick) figured out how to animate the camera, turns out you need to peg it. If i had more time before the deadline i would've coloured it but for now it's going to stay like this. However, once all of my work has been handed in i will probably come back to this and colour it but also clean it up a bit more as its very shaky at the beginning, this is because i find that it's hard to be completely accurate on toonboom, I think I just need more practice with it as this is only the second task i've done using toon boom after my hand turn in semester one.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Self portrait so far

   This is my 60 - 90 second self portrait animation so far. I'm pleased with it given the small amount of time i have to do it, but I definitely think I could do more with it. There is still roughly half a minute to do in order to hit the 60 second mark so hopefully i'll get this done tomorrow. I will probably narrate this (as much as I'm dreading hearing my own voice) I enjoyed doing this and I think i'll contiue to animate using this style more often.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Eye of the Skeleton

 This is my finished experimental animation. It was quite challenging as the cotton buds were very fidgity and moved easily. It took me quite a long time to do this (5 hours sounds about right) because unfortunately, I had trouble exporting the video on dragon frame so i had to use the still images of each frame and put them all into premier which meant that movements were all messed up (hence why the feet are so weird in this, I promise, it looked okay at first) I have a lot of work to do this week but I definitely want to try this again after the deadline and hopefully dragon frame will be nicer to me!