Tuesday, 11 October 2016

11 Second Club Task

   These are some very quick drawings of backgrounds for my storyboard for the 11 second club task. The task is to animate to a piece of sound from the current competition on the 11 Second Club website. This is the transcript for this month's sound:

Voice 1: You can't go to the ball as Blade. He's a Vampire Hunter.

Voice 2: Yeah, but vampires love Wesley Snipes, so it's...

Voice 1: No it's inappropriate. Okay Vlad, the green jumpers or the black leather with the dragon belt?

   I was thinking of having two teenage characters maybe going to their school disco so for a background I decided to go with one of the character's bedroom as they're talking about what to wear and I had an idea for it, I only have about a month to complete the task so I didn't want to do anything too complicated so I thought that the two characters could just be in the room talking and focus on movement and different shots.

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