Wednesday, 5 October 2016

And second year begins....

So, I'm back in Falmouth after 4 months off and I must say, it's good to be back. In our welcome back meeting, we were given an art style to research and our task was to find an artist with that style and replicate their work as close as possible. I was given '1950s illustrations'. At first, I had no idea what would come up when I typed it in to Google, but when I actually did I was pleasantly surprised.

   I noticed that a lot of art in the 1950's had a very illustrative style - which is right down my street. I found an illustration on Pinterest that consisted of very basic shapes and lines and only two colours and I found this really interesting. I tried to replicate it as much as possible but then I realised that there was no artist on the caption or linked to the photo at all. So I then found other work and was able to find out the artist's name - Leonard Baskin. His compositions are very simple but the object he focuses on is very detailed. For example, this illustration of a crow shown below by Baskin, the background is plain but the crow has lots going on. I really like this so I decided to replicate it using fine liner and wash as I love using this technique. I think it turned out pretty well.

   I feel like we'll probably be asked to animate in this style at some point which I guess would be fun - quite a challenge though. We shall see...

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