Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Life Drawing 06/10/16

   I have to be honest, I was dreading life drawing again because I find it so difficult, but now that the new year has started I'm feeling motivated! (The question is, how long will this motivation last?) Below is a drawing that I started, and 35 other people finished. We each had a minute to work on every drawing and this was the result. It's quite interesting because even though we all worked on the same drawings, they all looked so different. (quite annoyed that someone drew a sheep on there though)

Below: I'm so happy with this! I feel like it's one of the best drawings I've done. There's not a lot of shading but I feel like I got the shapes really well. Maybe the back could've been drawn a bit better but apart from that, I'm so pleased. Today was a good day!

Below: This one i'm not too sure about. I do however think I did better than I thought I would. I found it quite hard drawing the human body with props as i'm used to drawing just the figures in different poses., so this one isn't that accurate but I tried.

   Below: Practicing hands. I. dreaded. this. Hands are the  most difficult thing to draw (in my opinion) When drawing, you can sort of get away with loose lines and shapes for the body and it still looks okay,  but hands - nope. they HAVE to be perfect, it's so hard! But I'm determined to practice and improve, I'm glad I was able to practice today.

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