Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Life Drawing 12/10/16

This week we focused on only the head. I was very nervous as soon as I heard we were only drawing from the shoulders up because my confidence in drawing heads and faces is 0%. But I gave it my best shot! This was my first drawing of the session where we were left to do our own thing with Georg only observing and not speaking to us about it. It's not actually too bad considering I have nearly no experience in drawing heads and faces, but I can definitely see that a lot of improvement is needed. For example, I need to look at drawing facial features more accurately and get the proportions and positions correct.

As we were doing several three minute drawings, Georg walked around the room and could see that I was struggling so he told me about using lines and draw 'what you see' (as in shading) He also gave out needles at the beginning of the session but I've never used them before and had no idea how to use them. Luckily, Georg told me how they can be used as a 'match up' guide to help with position and it actually helped a lot. Below are a few quick sketches, not so much portraits, just working out position and shapes.

Using all of the techniques we learnt in the session we did one last drawing. The eyes are too close together in this, it's not my usual style and I could've done a lot better but it's not too bad, I'm feeling quite positive about life drawing at the moment, I might look back at my drawings from first year and see if there's a difference, from what I can remember I think there is. Definitely looking forward to next weeks session.

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