Friday, 21 October 2016

Walk Cycle Celaction and Pizza Face??

Okay, so I should probably explain this... My housemates and I were being very not studious and decided to play a load of games we used to play when we were kids (I swear, we're all adults) one of which was one of my favourites. It's the one where each person has a piece of paper and you start by drawing the head, then give your paper to the next person who draws the torso, then give the paper to the next person who draws the top part legs and so on, We played it several times and this pizza-faced, hairy-legged gal was one of the only "appropriate" finished drawings.

 I then had the idea that I could actually draw this digitally and then animate it (bit of extra practice eh?) So that's exactly what I've done. It isn't great partly because of how it is drawn (ie the feet the wrong way) and the animation in general just isn't strong but I'm actually so proud of it. I'm still not very experienced in Celaction just yet so it was good to get the practice in. I might do it again with one or two of the other characters or make them interact as this was so fun, I can't wait to show my housemates! So, here's the finished result:

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