Thursday, 27 October 2016

Practice Practice Practice

Okay so this seems really weird but let me explain:
   Back in my 2010 days when I was about 13, my friends and I would go out - like a normal group of friends would - then when we got bored we used to just make these random films and honestly, it was so great, they were the best times. So I had this idea that eventually, I could probably animate one of them, or at least do some designing and concept art to make it feel like I'm going to animate it, I don't know. I drew a couple of frames for a storyboard (well admittedly, I rotoscoped most of it as originally I had no intention of putting it on my blog) and threw it all together in an animatic which actually looks pretty cool. I've written a script which needs a lot of tweaking and I might even do some sound and dialogue recording and get some practice in! the soundtrack I used was just from the original "film" we made, my editing at the time was on point (thanks Windows Movie Maker) and I literally just used a small camera to film so an animation of it would be so much better. Lets see where I go with this.

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