Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bing Bang Bong Animation Shot

   This is the animation shot, I'm pleased with it! I think the jumpy movements go with the whole "dada theme" and the fact that the bus is moving etc. I animated the bus driver which I thought was going to be such a challenge seeing as I am no stop motion expert, and I was right - it was a challenge indeed. But I had the support of the other two group members and we worked great as a team and gave each other a boost, especially near the end after nearly 7 hours of filming. If 5 seconds of film took 7 hours, I can't imagine how long a feature length film would be! I loved doing stop motion again, hopefully I get the opportunity to do it again at some point.

Bing Bang Bong

 Above: This is a concept piece that I did digitally, showing the structure and layout of the bus and also the textures of the walls and seats and showing where the characters could be. Below are some photos of us animating today, it took about 7 hours but it was so cool to be able to do some stop motion as lately I've just been doing a lot of 2D. I will upload the video of our animation shot in the next post. It was quite nice, we had the stop motion section to ourselves, we had a little trouble with the laptop crashing and sometimes the camera accidentally moved so it took some time to get it as close to how it was before as possible. it looks pretty good! we just need to figure out the green screen now.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Concept Art

This is a bit of concept art for my original pick n mix project. The original drawing is shown above with the edited version below. This is showing my main character Mr K. Beane as a child on his father's shoulders in a field. I haven't really done much concept art for this so I thought I should do at least a couple. It's very simple but that is what I was going for similar to the illustration above which is from the 1950s. For example, the sky, grass and clouds have no black outline and not different shades just block colours. Originally I was only going to use two colours for the whole thing like the illustration but I struggled to make it look good and interesting so I decided to just colour it but not in detail so it still has that "1950s illustrative" look.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bus Modelling

    This is the bus so far. We used watercolours after experimenting with different colours and shades and modelled the bus with cardboard then stuck the sheets onto the cardboard. We also put the puppets in progress in to see how it looks. It's all really coming along!

Pick n Mix - Sophia's project

These are backgrounds for Sophia's pick n mix project. I tried to use different textures such as ripped wallpaper and tarnished metal and changed the opacity and also tried to give a watercolour effect to interpret purple and yellow tone colours. I quickly mapped out characters just to see how they would fit into the bus and just get a better feel of the idea, but of course the characters will look different as physical puppets.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Snowman Turnaround

   I definitely need more practice with turnarounds. I also forgot to do a side view (well done Cerys) I think there's something going on with my Wacom tablet, it's always so shaky so the lines aren't very smooth, perhaps I should do more drawings in the studio in stead of at home. I might include this in my production report.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

11 second is done!!

This is my final 11 second animation. In the small space of time I had to do this I'm very pleased, although I wish I had maybe done more with the characters and include more movement but I struggled a lot to do so, I definitely need more practice with animating, I haven't done it properly in ages. The snow also goes to the side a bit which is quite annoying but it's not too noticeable I don't think? I did it in TVPaint which I'm glad about because I now have so much more experience with it and I am enjoying using it.

Friday, 18 November 2016

11 Second Club - idea change

   So, it's exactly two weeks today until the deadline, so of course I decided to change my idea....
I was struggling to animate the other one as I find animating people very difficult and with the amount of time I have, I need to just get it done. So it's nearly Christmas, why not animate a snowman?! here it is in progress, it's not the best and there's not really any movement but it'll do. It's a lot better than I thought it was going to be, it still needs colouring but it will look better when it's completely finished.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Life Drawing 16/11/16

Today was just a huge no from me, I wasn't feeling it at all :( Maybe it's because it was the last life drawing session of this semester, maybe it was because of the heavy work load I currently have, I don't know, but I just couldn't get into it. I certainly gave it my best shot though and one or two of them came out okay.

Okay so this one (above), was a challenge given that the model fell asleep and kept nodding their head up and down so I couldn't accurately draw his face. And don't even get me started on the feet - Worst. Things. To. Draw. Ever. (except for hands)