Friday, 24 February 2017

Cafe Conversations

In Luis Cook's talk on Monday about idea generation, He told us that he sometimes gets ideas from other people. For example, he would go to a cafe and listen to other people's conversations and sometimes some mad stuff comes from it. So I decided to do it myself, I went down to Gylly beach cafe and there were two ladies there - mid sixties maybe? It looked and sounded like they just met for a catch up. Anyway, I only caught snippets of their conversation because unfortunately I was sat right next to the music speaker and I didn't want to move or it would be obvious that i was listening. Nothing really interesting came from it because it was mostly just small talk but I will definitely do it again. This is some of the stuff that I heard:

"I'm going away, I'm going by myself, I'm going to Florence for four weeks in June"

"Four weeks?"

"Yes four weeks."

"We all got together for breakfast the morning after the wedding and we met at this restaurant and it was just like a Korean except it was American, John's dad was saying "now the secret is to have your children really early." If it was her, she would say to us "Mum, Dad, shut up" but she just had to sit there and put up with it."

"I don't like Halloween"

"No but the children do"


So yeah, that was pretty much it, it was actually quite nice to listen to other people's conversations, I just found it pretty interesting. I didn't get any ideas from it but I'm glad I did it!

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