Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Celtic Welsh Mythology - Potential story?

   So, I'm really into idea generation at the moment and basically, Moana is my new favourite film, I love it so much and I literally play the soundtrack on repeat. I did some research on it and found out that Maui originates from a Polynesian myth and they developed the story from that. So i was inspired by this and read a load of mythology books and also researched and looked at some Celtic Welsh myths and there was one that i saw that had potential to be a short animation:

Gwion and the Witch tells of the birth of Taliesin, one of the earliest British poets whose name we know. The witch is Ceridwen. Gwion, her servant, must keep the fire burning for a year and a day under the cauldron where the magic brew simmers. Ceridwen has made the potion to bestow on her son, Morfran, the gift of poetry. But as the cauldron boils nearly dry, the last magic drop jumps onto Gwion’s finger. He sucks his scalded finger, and it is he, not Morfran, who will become the great poet. In an exciting chase, he escapes the witch and all her evil spells, and becomes Taliesin.

so yeah, I just did a quick drawing of a witch but it doesn't look that great because the colours looked different on the wacom tablet i was using. Hey ho!

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