Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Luis Cook talk 20/02/17

So Luis Cook is here to talk to us all week about various things and today's session was all about generating ideas. It was so inspiring and I spent the rest of the day doing different idea generating things. These are some pictures to show the kind of stuff I was doing. I wrote a load of random words on paper and cut them out, then randomly picked two at a time and put them together to make these crazy ideas. I actually like some of them and might do a bit of sketching and thumbnailing maybe? Luis also said he often sits in cafes and public places and listens to peoples conversations then jots them down. So I went down to Gylly Beach Café and overheard two ladies speaking about their upcoming holidays and weddings and other small talky things. Luis also talked about inspiring images and explained the importance of having a notebook or sketchbook. It was an eye opener and I feel so much better about idea generation. I'm ready to explore!

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