Monday, 20 March 2017

DGA260 - Fern's Project

I have to admit, I'm low key struggling with this. Fern has told me to look at Pascal Campion for inspiration but I'm not sure how to incorporate his style into the backgrounds, I feel like I want to just go into Fern's brain for a moment just so I know exactly what kind of style she's after. So anyway, I just messed around a bit here, my work is on top and then below is one of Campion's illustrations that I used as reference. The colours I used are a bit unusual, especially compared to Campions. But I used the photoshop extension - Adobe colour themes which suggested complimentary colours. I'll have to ask Fern for feedback but I have a feeling this is not what she's looking for, however she may like it and it might be something we can work with! we shall see!

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